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Parker Brickley is an accomplished investment professional in New York City, New York. He is passionate about his work and has proven himself to be a capable leader who drives results in his career. In addition to his professional endeavors, Parker is a community-minded individual who has given time and energy to various nonprofit organizations and local boards. He also has diverse hobbies and interests, making him a well-rounded individual with unique experiences.

Prior to joining the professional field, Parker Brickley attended Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida. He earned his Bachelor of Arts in Economics in 2007. While at college, he played both basketball and soccer while also serving on the Student Government Association. He carefully balanced his time between these involvements and was grateful for the experiences he enjoyed as a student. Today, he is a member of the Rollins College Alumni Advisory Board.

After graduating from his undergraduate school, Parker Brickley jumped into the world of finance. In 2009, he became an Account Executive for, a NYC business-to-business startup. He helped drive over 900 thousand dollars in revenue through his sales efforts while also furthering business development to increase engagement. Since working with, Parker has moved through several other positions, primarily in the B2B field. 

In 2016, Parker Brickley became a Wealth Planning Associate for UBS Financial Services through Montclair Investment Partners. This was his first step into the investment industry. Thanks to his natural skill in the field, he was quickly promoted to Analyst, and in 2018 became an Investment Advisor for the company. He and his team were considered in the top one percent of teams throughout UBS. In this role, Parker drove millions of dollars in revenue through his leadership, sales, and client management skills.

Today, Parker Brickley is the Director of Business Development at Clockwork, a FinTech software company specializing in private market investing. Since launching his career, Parker has earned his MBA in Finance and Entrepreneurship and several other accreditations and certifications. He has a wide set of business skills and loves learning new things while driving growth and progress wherever he works.

Parker Brickley prioritizes his work-life balance and enjoys pursuing various sports and activities. He is particularly fond of golf and tennis. He has played rackets in the United Kingdom and has won parent/child tournaments alongside his father. Parker loves helping others and even helped found the Iron Horse Party, an ALS Charity Fundraiser. Additionally, he loves to travel, and has lived in Honduras and China previously to help communities and learn new languages.

Parker Brickley

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